What is NLP?

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Neuro-linguistic programming is a form of psychotherapy that was devised in the 1970s by linguist John Grinder and therapist Richard Bandler. The main principle is that our life experiences programme the way we see the world and ourselves, and the way we communicate with others. The way we think is revealed not only by our choice of words, but through our body language and eye movements and even subtle changes in skin colour/perspiration. The therapist draws the patient’s attention to any unconscious thought patterns that may be having a detrimental effect on the patient’s overall mental and even physical well-being, and attempts to ‘re-programme’ their responses to the situation.

Neuro-linguistic programming has applications in the general contexts of sport, business, sales and education, as it can be a powerful tool in fostering self-confidence and effective communication. However, as a form of therapy, the focus tends to be the patient’s attitude towards their illness. For example, a neuro-linguistic therapist would interpret someone who views themselves as ‘an asthmatic’, rather than ‘a person with asthma’, as having let the condition take over. Negative patterns of thought are modified, so that the patient feels less limited by their illness, and their body’s natural healing systems can be more effective; it is thought that the immune system may be stimulated by such a process.

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